GDS Consulting

Creating the right data management policies, procedures, and processes to ensure it remains accurate, secure, accessible, and usable for analytics insights should be a top priority.

As a privately owned business in partnership with acQuire Technology Solutions and Imago, GDS Consulting is committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible solutions for our clients.


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GDS Consulting is a trusted and certified acQuire Nova Network Partner. We can assist you with optimising your acQuire solution all with the knowledge, comfort and guarantee that your solution is supported by acQuire Technology Solutions.

acQuire is a global Geoscientific Information Management technology provider. It's GIM Suite technology is the preferred choice for Geoscientific Information Management (GIM) in the natural resources industry with over 450 sites around the world using the GIM Suite every day in both exploration and mining operations. It enables the capture, management and delivery of geoscientific observations and measurements providing a single source of truth for your data.


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Imago is a platform to extract knowledge from geoscientific imagery. It consolidates images from any source, transforms them into meaningful insights and then connects them to the appropriate geological or mining activity. It is part of a new generation of digital solutions for modern mining.

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