Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Investing in cloud infrastructure can significantly benefit businesses in cost savings for both short and long term, however, the reverse can also be true if the incorrect partner for cloud solution is selected. Selecting the right cloud partner is very important as business’ whole of part of their infrastructure becomes your business’ infrastructure, that means downtime at the cloud provider’s infrastructure means your cloud-hosted applications are also experiencing downtime.
GDS Consulting solutions are based on the Microsoft cloud and includes Office 365 and Azure – both tried, tested, trusted and proven platforms. Get in touch to discuss your needs with our experts.

Microsoft Azure is an industry leader in providing flexible, cost effective and enterprise grade cloud computing for building, testing, deploying and managing applications and services.
As a Microsoft Indirect Reseller, we will help you take advantage of Microsoft cloud services to increase security, flexibility and control.
At GDS Consulting, we will you develop custom made cloud solution and also address all your questions and concerns you will have throughout the entire migration process. As your IT solutions partner, we will actively manage your entire cloud environment using our managed IT services program to ensure the following are met..

Lower operation costs: One of the advantages of cloud services in the cost saving on upfront purchases of equipment. 

Disaster recovery: GDS Consulting will create a custom-made disaster recovery plan by using automations so system can easily be restored quickly.

Scalability: creating and managing a group of identical, load balanced VMs. The number of VM instances can automatically increase or decrease in response to demand or as defined.

Azure Virtual Machine

Azure virtual machines (Windows. Linux) allow companies to setup or deploy a wide range computing solution instantly and only pay for what they use. After the virtual machines is deployed, companies can deploy any workload (SQL Database, payroll system etc) on it just as they would on a physical server.

Azure Web App

Azure Web Apps allow companies to build and deploy and manage websites and applications. 

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL database provides the flexibility to support businesses easily during growth. For business experiencing unpredictable workloads, it gives you the freedom and ability to pool resources based on requests and demand on a pay-as-you-go(pay for what you use) basis which will drive down cost.

Azure Web App

Azure Mobile Apps allows businesses to build Android, iOS and Windows applications. It allows you to store data in the cloud, or on premises using the hybrid technology and also able to send notifications to your applications within minutes.

Azure supports different operating systems, tools, programming languages, databases and devices and other technologies that businesses, IT professionals and developers rely on and it cost effective for both long and short term and excellent business ROI.

With Azure, companies can extend their infrastructure easily and securely to the cloud. Azure also offers the many hybrid cloud services that gives companies the best of both worlds i.e., simplicity and cost effectiveness.

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