GDS Consulting

Creating the right data management policies, procedures, and processes to ensure it remains accurate, secure, accessible, and usable for analytics insights should be a top priority.


With our virtualization administration services offered by GDS Consulting, we can help business profits from having a virtualised infrastructure. Some of the benefits an or enterprise will benefit is the huge savings on electricity, cooling, rapid building of a server whenever needed. Optimising work efficiency and responding to current needs becomes possible thanks to our engineers, whose tasks - among others - are as follows:
  • Converting your physical server to a virtual server
  • Maintenance of virtual platform
  • Virtual server creation, modification and deletion
  • Management of Resource allocation
  • Virtual Network configuration
  • Virtual server migration
  • Virtual environment monitoring

Efficient and Flexible IT Resource Utilisation

Custom solutions that is designed by GDS will enable you to manage your resources easily, efficiently and quick allocation of physical machine resources to individual processes with little task from IT or System Administrator. A good example may be the increase of computing power and allocate the right amount of resources for sales department at the time where more processing power is needed for sales application and databases. Professional supervision and constant monitoring of resource consumption gives time to take proper action to prevent their possible exhaustion, and the possibility to create testing environments enables you to check the behaviour of particular software before its scheduled implementation.

Creating new virtual machines or cloning the already-existing ones, in turn, substantially shortens the time required for opening a new server as it does not require spending time and taking steps on delivery, installation and configuration of a new device in the server room.
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